On Monday and Tuesday, 13th and 14th of March, our guests were the leading UK psychiatrists and psychotherapists Dr. Mark Collins, Dr. Serge Bedington, Dr. John Gillen and Dr. Graeme Pisa. In the largest amphitheater of the university building on Boulevard Maršala Tolbuhina 8, which was filled not only with our students and teachers, but also with many curious people and experts in the field of psychiatry and psychology, the guests expressed their, in many respects, new, even radical views on the methods applied so far in psychotherapeutic practice. Prominent British experts were against the attitude towards certain dominant “school” theory, referring to their own experience of working in prestigious clinics on the Island, in Spain and elsewhere. “As a psychiatrist, who for 25 years almost daily has been bringing together knowledge from theory and practice, I claimed the right to question some widespread doctrines,” Dr. Mark Collins said at the beginning of his introductory lecture. “We have to get used to look at things through different eyes and from a different angle to the usual practice of the ruling practice,” said Dr. Collins, recommending the audience healthy living, exercise and stay in nature and responsible attitude towards the content and the structure of the food. “Many diseases, including Parkinson’s, begin 20 or 30 years earlier due to mistakes in the diet,” said Dr. Collins.

At the lecture which was held on Tuesday, Dr. Serge Bedington spoke about the art of friendship and “Returning the heart to the corporate world.”

Before the first lecture, on behalf of the teachers and students of the “John Naisbitt University “, the guests were welcomed by Prof. Dr. Mića Jovanović, founder of the University, who highlighted  the most important facts from their biographies and noted that this visit fitted into the well known openness of  our institution for innovation in science and the need for new ideas put into circulation and on display check, by the students and teachers, and the general public who comes to the meetings organized by the “John Naisbitt University “.

After the lecture, our distinguished guests answered numerous questions raised by the audience.

Apart from the students and teachers, the lecture was attended by the leaders of the University, Academician Ljubisa Rakic, chairman of the Council, Rector Prof. Milomir Minic,PhD  and others.