XXI international scientific conference on economic and social development (International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development) was  organized at ’John Naisbitt’ University on 18th and 19th May in cooperation with partner institutions, the University ’North’ from Varazdin and the Faculty of  Management of the University of Warsaw.

The meeting was opened by assistant professor Ana Jurčić, PhD, Director of International Cooperation Department of ’John Naisbitt’ University, who stressed the importance of the conference, not only for the hosts, partners and international participants, but also for the wider community. She expressed appreciation for the fact that the conference was attended by more than 130 authors from prominent international academic institutions.

The two-day sessions provided an opportunity for participants from Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Greece, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Libya, Algeria, Morocco and other countries to better define the problems of the modern economy arising from inadequate distribution and dominance of financial and political oligarchy. The conference sent a strong message on the need for elected leaders to work on the advancement of common good and the interests of society in all countries, regardless of the specific differences.