On the occasion of 12 years of students’ education of graphic design, fashion design, industrial design, interior design and scenography, the Faculty of Arts and Design opened the exhibition of student works in the House of King Peter in Senjak, 40 Vase Pelagica street on 23rd May. The exhibition presented the most successful student works, which have been created in the last 2 years.

The Faculty of Arts and Design is an institution dedicated to the education of creative people, willing to create, promote and develop new opportunities in a variety of artistic disciplines, through individual and team work together with top artists and experts from various fields who attract the increasing number of young, talented students. This is witnessed by numerous participation and the ultimate success of our students in national and international competitions.

Graduates of the Faculty of Arts and Design are able to become creators in various fields of applied arts, design and visual arts. We are pleased to ascertain that our faculty has been noticed by the eminent foreign faculties of design, which offer us cooperation. Great support to our work are the contacts and the presence of prominent world figures from the fields of arts and design. Special attention is paid to the future exchange of students, professors and the exhibition with foreign universities.

The exhibition was opened by Miloš Šobajić, professor emeritus and perennial dean of the faculty, professor and current dean Savo Pekovic, and Tijana Fišić, professor and coordinator of the exhibition.

The exhibition is open until 30th May.

 Jelena Djordjevic

 Assistant Curator

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