International Cooperation Department at John Naisbitt University (Megatrend University) is founded with the aim of coordinating activities and developing the relationships with other universities abroad, international organisations as well as other research and academic institutions in Europe and the rest of the world.

The mission of International Cooperation Department is strengthening internationalisation of John Naisbitt University. For more than two decades, John Naisbitt is the leader in higher education in Southeast Europe region.

  • Signing contracts with other foreign universities
  • Student exchange programmes
  • Faculty exchange programmes
  • Exchange of the academic programmes
  • Joint publishing activities with other universities and institutions
  • Organisation of international scientific projects, conferences and fairs

 Over the period of time, we have witnessed a tremendous progress, overcame barriers and cultural distances, and facilitated access to information and its exchange in today’s modern world and its fast paced environment. These changes have their name-globalization. The third and current phase of John Naisbitt University (Megatrend University), preceded by the phases in which the University brought together the best teaching staff and provided the most modern infrastructure,is the phase of development and internationalisation where we endeavour to expand our operations globally. This phase is also the last phase of development of the University – because it involves constant development and constant evolution.

 In the realization of internationally recognized, educational, scientific and artistic programmes harmonized with the Bologna Declaration, John Naisbitt University cooperates with the most prestigious domestic and foreign universities and scientific institutions and in this way it is involved in international academic network as well as modern trends of the scientific research and education. Cultural cooperation programmes implemented by John Naisbitt University actively contribute to the development of relations between our country and the world.

 With these activities, John Naisbitt University allows its students to contribute and participate in modern educational concepts, eliminating spatial distances as the limiting factor in terms of education. John Naisbitt students are by all means citizens of the world who can acquire and upgrade their education in all parts of the world, providing them with an incredible and life changing experience.

 Our students rapidly ascertain that their ambitions never cease, that ambitions are never big enough. At John Naisbitt University we think globally and act locally – continent by continent, country by country, university by university and student by student. One lives and learns, sets goals and attains them. Our mission is education withour borders where the world is not big enough.

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