IMG_2652John Naisbitt University established the function of the ombudsman, i.e. the rights’ protector, to ensure full compliance and implementation, to prevent violation of rights and to ensure freedom and equality of all members of the University community. The Senate of John Naisbitt University decided that the function of the Ombudsman should be performed by Prof. Zorica Đorđević, a lecturer at the Faculty of Culture and Media.
Through advice, recommendations, warnings and criticism, the ombudsman will protect all the rights from the Charter of academic rights and John Naisbitt University community members’ duties. All the members of the University community should be able to request ombudsman’s protection, but it is specifically designed for the control and protection of students’ rights.

The role of the protector is to:

  • Mediate between students and members of the academic community and the University, i.e. bodies, institutions and agencies that decide on the rights,
    freedoms and interests;
  • Use advice, recommendations and draw attention in order to ensure compliance or prevent violation of rights, freedoms and interests;
  • Implement procedures which identify whether there is a violation of the rights, freedoms and interests, and take appropriate measures for their protection. If identified irregularity cannot be resolved amicably, ombudsman should give advice on the legal remedy by which it is possible to ensure compliance or to prevent violation of rights, freedoms and interests.

In their work, the protector of rights will adhere to the code of ethics, as well as principles of independence, impartiality, confidentiality and informality.

With this appointment, John Naisbitt University has become the first private University in Serbia which is concerned about protecting the members’ rights of the academic community.

The protector shall act on its own initiative or upon complaints made against it.

Protector has a work space in the building in 8 Goce Delceva Street, the cabinet 73.

Students, teachers and non-teaching staff can contact the Protector of the Rights and e-mail to