Dear students,

Esteemed prospective students and parents,

I take this opportunity to welcome all of our students, as well as all interested young people who visit this website hoping to find the best solution for their education.

At the beginning of my address, I emphasize that our University celebrates 26 years of existence this year, and this fact gives us the right to conclude the following: John Naisbitt University has become a centre of quality education based on modern educational and scientific developments and knowledge transfer methodologies, i.e. the formation of applicable competence of graduates. In practice, this means that we always insisted on quality, autonomy, freedom, commitment to the realization of our educational and scientific mission and full openness towards our society, region, Europe and the world.

In parallel, the University is making great efforts in quite unfavorable socio-economic conditions to reach top European standards in the formation of high-quality and applicable knowledge of our students, which will be our contribution to the advancement of the knowledge society. To fulfill this mission, John Naisbitt University constantly needs to work in order to maintain and improve the level of its academic credibility and autonomy.

In addition, it is our intention to become not only an integral and equal part of the national structure of knowledge, expertise and competence based on European standards applicable within the framework of a unified European educational space but also a reference University for the Balkan region and, more broadly, South-East Europe, the Black Sea basin and other regions of the contemporary world. Past achievements in the field of international positioning of John Naisbitt University give us the right to look optimistically to this task. Realization of this task will enable our students and staff a significant international experience and knowledge of different specificities and dependencies that exist in the areas of modern education, science and culture.

I also see a great future of John Naisbitt University in the field of scientific research and I hope that our faculties and the Institute for New Technologies will become a real support for the development of science within the University and throughout the country by working with other specialized research institutions. I believe that in the years to come it is a realistic vision to form a centre of excellence in scientific fields in which John Nesbitt University has already gained an international reputation and recognition in the field of regional studies, global communication systems and intercultural management.

In short, all our former, current and future students need to know that our University is young, modern and flexible in finding its own ways of modernization in accordance with the requirements of time and rapid progress in education and science. With these aims, this University was founded 25 years ago and there is no doubt that its founder, long-time Rector and sole owner Professor Mica Jovanovic, PhD, made a huge contribution to the development of Serbian higher education. Due to this fact, today at John Nesbitt University, it is not unrealistic to talk about achieving education and scientific research of high quality. Therefore, our new students have to know that at this University they will have the most sophisticated and the most comfortable conditions for studying: highly qualified and approachable professors, teaching assistants, student service as well as modern and technologically fully-equipped classrooms, a hall, a large amphitheater, a workshop, a library and a bookstore.

Finally, let me conclude this short address by inviting you to visit our official web site and look carefully at what you all are provided by our University. I also invite you to visit our campuses in Belgrade (Bulevar maršala Tolbuhina 8, and 29 Bulevar Umetnosti st.) and ascertain the veracity of the facts I presented in person.